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Nanner's Closet

-Bannana's Stuff for Sale~!

Nanner's Closet!
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Hello! This is _kyochan_'s selling LJ!

-I sell various items some Japanese related graphic novels[mangas], DVDs, Jrock cosplays, etc. All things sold here I mostly need/want to get rid of, reason why? Lack of space or I don't wish to have anymore! XD;

-I even take SMALL commisons, either cosplay [jrock/v-kei] related, art work [i'm a good artist, I study art i can show my work], dreadfalls, all that small good stuff!

-All prices do not include shipping, i'll add it once reciving you area code. But current shipping is 4$ and Media mail is 1-3$

-Only willing to sell to US buyers, who are serious! Which means I can only hold an item for a week,after that time period next person with dibs gets it! NO EXCEPTIONS..unless you have a very good valid reason. *nod*

-I can do trades, ONLY if its either anything Jrock/V-kei related. Either Mags, Flyers, Posters, CDs, etc. Especially if its GAZETTE related. *cough*

-I accept PAYPAL, postal money orders/Western Union, and very well consealed cash [at your own risk], if you are interested in a item either leave a comment or e-mail me at GAZEROCKER.REITA@verizon.net

-All itemas are reasonable prices unless noted.

-Once payment is recived items will be shipped out very quickly unless told. I mostly send out iteams on Saturdays. Only free day I have!

-Updates will occur several times in periods of time. So if you wish to add me as a friend go ahead. ^-^

-Also it would be very lovely to get feedback from anyone who buys from me ^-^

Okay think thats all~ Thank you for reading! Now go have a look around! ^0^!